Gudda Mane Streetz has been making his mark in the music industry since 2013. He started making music as a hobby to escape the reality of his life growing up without a father and being kicked out of the house at a young age.


Gudda Mane grew up in Far Rockaway, Queens then later moved to the North side of The Bronx. Being a 90's kid he didn't grow up listening to 2Pac or The Notorious BIG. His favorite rappers are Jadakiss, Lil Wayne & Gucci Mane. He grew a liking to Jadakiss's & Lil Wayne's wordplay & Gucci Mane's style in rap/hip hop music.


As his experience with music progressed, he began putting out mixtapes. On December 25th 2013 Gudda Mane Streetz dropped his 1st mixtape "Trap Tape."


Gudda Mane Streetz mixed and mastered the entire 22 track mixtape himself to the best of his knowledge due to the fact he had no money for studio time. The mixtape didn't generate the kind of success Gudda wanted which only motivated him to grind harder.